Activate Rare Counties & Cities for VQP

Virginia QSO Most Wanted

Activate Rare Counties & Cities for VQP
Want to work a pileup? You may already be in the right place!

The 28 counties & cities shaded in light green in the table below had no logs submitted by fixed-site Virginia stations for 5 years. The QTHs shaded in light blue had less than 5 fixed-site logs in the last 2 years! Surprisingly, even cities like Manassas Park, Richmond, Petersburg and others have not submitted logs in years. If you live in or near these locations, your callsign will be in demand and help you chase the many plaque award categories for Virginia operators.

Most Wanted Table

Join your fellow Virginia hams in one of America’s largest State QSO parties!
Be sure to take advantage of the contest aids listed below.

VA QSO Party Dates:
Saturday, 16 Mar, 1400 UTC – Sunday, 17 Mar, 0400 UTC
(Saturday, 10 AM – 12 Midnight local)
Sunday, 17 Mar, 1200 UTC – 2400 UTC
(Sunday, 8 AM – 8 PM local)

VQP Contest Rules: Available in three formats: (PDF, HTML, and DOC).
List of Virginia Counties and Independent Cities: 95 counties and 38 independent cities (HTML or DOC or PDF).
VQP Spotting Network: http://www.qsoparty.com/
VQP Mobile Tracker: https://k1ra.us/vaqp-aprs/
VQP Award Categories: PDF

Last Update:01/2024